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Yogi's Ark Animal Sanctuary is a project born solely out of love and compassion for all creatures big and small. Its primary goal is to build a refuge for animals (mainly domestic pets and small mammals) from high-kill shelters and laboratory research, as well as animals that have been abused, abandoned, neglected, wounded, ill-treated, and made homeless. Yogi’s Ark is also dedicated to supporting spay and neuter programs and the protection of all sentient beings through a vegan diet.

Yogi’s Ark recognizes earthlings as precious members of the community of life, each one a unique individual with a purpose, personality, and soul. As yogis we are dedicated to a compassionate life-style, realizing our vital role as spiritual warriors, protectors and nurturers for these creatures.

Shanti, Peace and Namaste

Valerie Grange, President Yogi's Ark Animal Sanctuary






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